Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Threadless Denied

Apparently they feel that its not as good as it could be to have the best chance for success, which given some of the stuff they approve is a bit of a slap in the face. I liked the design, and the roughness was a deliberate part of it, obviously I could make it more polished, but then, in my opinion, it wont work as well. Now I must think on this and decide if its worth changing and re-submitting.
In other art news I am working on some initial idea sketches for a concept critter that falls under the banner mischief, lets see how that goes, will post initial sketches later.


  1. Very surprised by that. Did they give a reason at all? I wonder if you have to be a known quantity to have them approve your designs.

  2. Nothing specific, just a form response suggesting that I put it on the critique forum... I understand that it may be relevant in some cases but I think by this point I know a little about art, and its not like it didn't go through a 'round' of public keenness before I submitted it.