Sunday, December 26, 2010

Threadless and wanting money for my art.

I little while ago I was making some designs with a lazy eye towards t-shirt prints on my red-bubble. (a little unsatisfying for the most part because of the limited print area there). As I would make them I'd do my usual thing and post them up on facebook and see what friends thought about it. One of these designs, one that started pretty much and a doodle / experiment seemed to go over pretty well. I got a lot of positive feedback about it and a fair number of people where saying that they would so were a shirt like that. Someone also threw up the idea of submitting it to Threadless.

So with my hat in hand I final got off my arse and have submitted it. Now assuming it gets approval, it will go up for scoring and if it scores enough it will be printed. Now I'm not holding out for that to happen, but it would be nice, and nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Hell if you like it you can always head on over and score it once the scoring opens up. 

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