Saturday, December 25, 2010

Initial Post, the why and wherefore.

Up until recently I have been working as a artist for a video game company, initially as a senior 3D prop artist and later as a concept artist. A few months ago the company I worked for reached an end point, after surviving several rounds of redundancy I was finally laid off, and 2 weeks later said company closed its doors. Thus for the first time in 8 years I have found myself without a job.

Well almost, I have managed to take the massive step backward and secure a casual survival job in the hospitality industry while I attempt to secure professional work again. Which brings me to this blog. Simply put, I intend to use this blog to document attempts to get work (and work life once I gain it again) and to show art I make and document thoughts and experiences about other creative fields I dabble in.

There will not be reference to my day to day life or relationships outside of how they effect my creative endeavours, this is not an angst blog, just an art one. All are welcome, as is feedback, the only caveat being that any racist, sexist, homophobic remarks will be either deleted or mocked dependent on my whim. Also by way of 'warning' my art tends to lean towards the dark and fantastic. Dystopian environments, Victorian steam punk and the like are common themes for me.

My folio can be viewed at


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